The WASAN group, founded in 1930 by late Mr K.N Wasan and taken to new heights by his son’s late Mr Deepak Wasan and late Mr. Sushil Wasan is one of north india’s leading corporate groups.

As the pioneers of exports in shoe uppers the company successfuly expanded its product range in leather exports to skins, complete shoes , leather garments, accessories in the passing decades.

The most recent two new additions to the group have been directed at the growing indian economy with the introduction of imports of high quality italian leather furniture and manufacturing of upvc profile for the construction industry.

Initially based out of agra, up the group has now spread its operations to new delhi and manesar in haryana in addition to its exisiting facilities in agra. the group has its own tannery for the processing of skins, 3 shoes manufacturing units with state of the art machinery, a factory for the extrusion of upvc profiles which is a german joint ventture under its umbrella.

The group also has a trading division in addition to cater to the needs of the ever changing demands of the fashion industry which is headquartered in new delhi and is representing several european brands for all their sourcing requirements out of india.

As a third generation closely held family run business,the groups activities are equally divided into the son’s of late mr deepak wasan. Mr Pradip Wasan is heading the tannery /shoe and furniture division, Mr.Jatinder Wasan is heading the upvc profile manufacturing division and Mrs Aditi Wasan is heading the trading division which looks after the product range of leather garments / accessories / home and handicrafts.

Corporate management at the 'WASAN' group has evolved to keep pace with the challenges and complexities of the contemporary business organization. Effectively coping with change has been the result of a concious corporate strategy, one that has involved substantial investments in technology and human resources and above all fostering of an enduring corporate culture which promotes the value of innovation, of leadership and of excellence.

The group has been recognized by the govt of india for its growth and excellence on numerous occassions.

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